It all begins with the end in mind!  A traditional lengthy business plan is not practical at this stage, so you will create a simple yet comprehensive plan of 6 – 12 pages that will outline the detailed steps necessary to reach the desired outcome.

One of the most critical parts of the plan is the research necessary to determine; who are the potential customers, what do they want to buy and how much will they be willing to pay you for it?

Flight Plan Components

Mission / Vision / Impact

What is the optimum vision for your business? What is your driving force - why are you doing this?

Competitive Landscape / Differentiation

Who and where is your competition? What makes your business unique or at least different?

The Team

Who are the players on your team? What skills and resources does your team need to create and develop your product/service?

Business Model & Pricing

Where are your sales going to come from? How are your products and services priced?

Progress Path / Growth Strategy

Following your initial launch, then what? What is the path forward for future growth?

Financial Forecast

You need to make sure you understand and document the financial trajectory. Do you have access to adequate funding?

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